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Piano, Guitar, & Ukulele Lessons Online

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Music lessons are fun when
your teacher lets you be YOU!

Each individual student has their own personality and strengths, and our job is to find the spark that makes music fun! Reading music is just one possible way— we can also teach you how to play by ear, from chords, improvise, or make up your own songs. All of our teachers can teach all of the above, so our instruction is unique to each student.

Our students' favorite parts of how we teach:
  • You choose your music! You can play any song or style you want— even if there's no sheet music for it, our teachers can just listen to a song and show you how to play it right away. We're happy to make suggestions if you run out of ideas, but we don't assign music you don't like or use only boring method books.
  • Try different instruments. All of our teachers are accomplished multi-instrumentalists. Most beginners don't really know what instrument they'll fall in love with, so the option to try different ones out when boredom strikes can keep the musical spark alive. We offer piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, drums, and more.​
  • Easy online setup using Zoom. Skype, FaceTime, or Google are also possible. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer— we'll help you set it up if needed.
Expert teachers, stellar reviews.

We only work with teachers that get consistently outstanding reviews from their students. We interview dozens of candidates for each new teacher, and honestly, many teachers we turn down end up working with other schools— we have the highest standards we know of.

"Michael is tremendously gifted as a music instructor.  He has worked with our 3 children in many areas including guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, music theory and songwriting.  It is incredible to see their growth over the years."

Lisa Schifman, parent

“Gabriel is supportive, funny and easy to be around. He has good ideas and can really help your voice. Gabriel can become your friend really easily. He is amazing at guitar and piano! He knows his students really well!"


Kate, 9-year-old piano and voice student

"We love Michael. He adjusts to our boy's individual learning styles and tunes into their musical preferences. He always has a new song to share and keeps them interested in a variety of music."

Barb Onyszchuk, parent

"My nine year old son has been taking piano and guitar lessons from Jake for four years. Jake has done a wonderful job of keeping music interesting to him through a variety of approaches. Whether it's teaching him to read music, to learn to play it by ear or even to try composing it on his own, Jake has kept the pace fun and relaxed and at the same time educational. We are excited to see his interest in music continue and now spread to his younger sister who has also started to take piano lessons with Jake!"

Shelly Hatton, parent

"I'm so impressed by Michael's professionalism, knowledge of music and wonderful demeanor.  He has taken the time to understand each of my children. He inspires them to play, he keeps them challenged when they are ready and is patient when they are less interested. Michael takes the time to "jam" with my boys and from what I have been told by the kids is quite a master of all instruments. I know that Michael, his love of music and children and his commitment to teaching is one of the main reasons the boys have stuck with it. He is a pleasure to have in our lives. If you are considering a music teacher, there is no one I would recommend more."


Lindsey Beil, parent

"Jake is an ideal music teacher for my children because he make it fun and interesting. He lets them pick the songs that they want to learn, so they never get bored. He even lets them make up songs to learn, so he really uses their imagination while teaching them the fundamentals of music. I also like that he lets them learn at their own pace. He doesn't make us buy a bunch of really expensive music books that we won't use."

Diana Healy, parent​

"My oldest child started guitar with Jake four years ago. Now three of my children take both guitar and/or piano with him. His ability to teach music while making it fun and appealing to each child's individual tastes is what makes him such a great instructor. They all have a real love of music because of him. Thanks Jake!"

Kirsten McGannon, parent

"Jake's passion for music and talent as a piano teacher has been a true gift to our family. We have four children and he found a way to engage each child so they were challenged but had success in their piano efforts. If they had interest in playing a song that was too technically difficult for them he adapted it so they could manage it. Kids enjoy having a part in picking out a song and we all know you are more apt to practice something you enjoy!"

Karen Price, parent

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