You don't have to read music to play the piano— there are lots of other ways, including using chords. This book will get you up and running playing almost any song you can Google.

The next level of chord playing on the piano is coming soon, in How to Play the Piano Using Chords: Book Two, currently in production. We'll also be releasing other entire series on different ways to play, including Playing By Ear, Improvising, Songwriting, and Reading Music. We'll also be releasing all of these methods applied to guitar and ukulele.

The Fingerprint Method helps you figure out what musical pathways work well for you by offering multiple pathways to try out. Everyone is musical, but in different ways— when you find the way that's right for you, it should feel natural and fun. In other words— we'll help you find your musical fingerprint.

How to Play the Piano Using Chords - Book One

  • .PDF format, 86 pages

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