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Get piano lessons at your Issaquah/Sammamish home.

Get in touch for pricing and availability in your neighborhood.

Piano lessons are fun when
your teacher lets you be YOU!

Each individual student has their own strengths and tastes, and the job of the music teacher is to find the spark that makes music fun! Sometimes that means learning sheet music, sometimes playing by ear, sometimes inventing your own songs. Since our teachers use the Fingerprint Method, they can teach all of the above, and their instruction will be unique to each student. Our students' favorite parts of how we teach:
  • You choose your music! You can play any song or style you want— even if there's no sheet music for it, our teachers can just listen to a song and show you how to play it right away. We're happy to make suggestions if you run out of ideas, but we don't assign music you don't like or use only boring method books.
  • Try different instruments. All of our teachers are accomplished multi-instrumentalists. Most beginners don't really know what instrument they'll fall in love with, so the option to try different ones out when boredom strikes can keep the musical spark alive. In addition to piano, we offer guitar, ukulele, bass, violin, cello, drums, vocals, and more.
  • Best of all, we come to your house! One less trip in your busy schedule. For us, it's also about literally getting 'in the student's world,' which puts them more at ease and gives us deeper insight into how to teach in a way that works with their real lives. We currently travel to Issaquah, Issaquah Highlands, Klahanie, Sammamish, and other nearby neigborhoods.
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